El Mundo, Carlos Oyarbide´s cuisine comes back

Carlos Oyarbide´s cuisine comes back

He has fed kings, politicians, businessmen, artists and, above all, lovers of good food. He belongs to a respected family saga and admired restaurateurs in Spain: the Oyarbide. He says his cuisine is elegant and simple, with Navarran roots, attached to the seasonal ingredients. His previous projects in La Moraleja and El Plantío attracted many fans in Madrid. Now Carlos Oyarbide returns to the capital to start another stage without losing his trademark. His new restaurant will open in mid-February at 21 Villanueva Street in the Salamanca district, a few steps from Retiro park.

"Many of the locals customers who came to eat at my restaurant in Marbella asked me when I would return to Madrid. I kept coming very often and the truth is that I wanted to settle in this city that has given me so much," admits Carlos. Navarran chef has spent the last nine years based in this town in Malaga with his restaurant Oyarbide Gastro. In Madrid he promises changes from his last adventure.

"This will be a continuation of Carlos Oyarbide in La Moraleja, but there will be many new dishes and a more casual and affordable section," says the chef. The restaurant will be divided into two areas: a gastronomic and traditional section with a 45 euros menu and another one more casual where you can eat for about 25 euros. The point that would not change will be his classics: ajoarriero cod, hake with peppers pil pil glass trotters with mashed potatoes or semi-fluid latxa milk croquettes with baby spinach and cheese Idiazabal filigrees. To sum up, it will be a short menu "of product, market and season."

The restaurant will show a distribution designed to enjoy the two concepts. The entrance area with a bar is intended to tapas and the dining area is located inside the restaurant with only six tables. "there will be places for 30 guests and at the entrance for about 20," says Carlos. In addition, a table of gastronomic literature is added, in a kind of reserved place with books from his private collection. "Art and gastronomy share many things, they are inspiration and provocation".

Another aspect to consider is the cellar, which will host wine labels from around the world with two different menus to choose from select wines to other more modest. And as the cherry on top, desserts are prepared by his wife, Carmen Miranda, who also serves as director of room. Temptations as grommets cream or pantxineta. "Here we puff pastries by hand and real custard cream," asserts Oyarbide.

The chef, loyal to a way of understanding gastronomy learned from childhood, grew up in an atmosphere of restorers and pioneers of the kitchen. In Alsasua, Navarra, one of his schools was the familiar restaurant Casa Oyarbide, imbued with the personality of his uncle Jesus, founder of Zalacaín and first three Michelin stars in Spain. Another school was his friendship with masters such as Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa) and Martin Berasategui (they attended the same school). However, Oyarbide always worked his own way. Now comes back to Madrid to do what he likes, "provide good things to eat." You can book now: oyarbidegastro18@gmail.com.