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Carlos Oyarbide will open in the Golden Mile in Madrid

restaurant. After last years in Marbella leading Oyarbide Gastro, he returns to Madrid with its final bet: an establishment in the Golden Mile in Madrid where again delight the public of the capital as he did once in his restaurants in La Moraleja or El Plantio.

In mid-February, the Navarran chef will open the new space that aims to provide an elegant setting in which to enjoy "a good traditional cooking, well performed and based on the careful selection of the product". Like himself, his cuisine is solid, simple and honest.

"I intend to create for my customers a distinguished and intensely familiar in dealing atmosphere; an intimate, sophisticated and innovative space that encourages both quiet conversation and the enjoyment of my kitchen", said Oyarbide. To achieve this, he has the warmth of the decor, delicacy in the household - with Baccarat glassware and exquisite flatware - and even a small private art collection. In the kitchen garden, vegetables from Navarra and the best meats and fish brought from different regions. And above all, personal experience since its inception in the family home Oyarbide, Alsasua, and its subsequent and long wanderings through their own restaurants.

"Surprises are brewing, the desire to please stir-frying and the excitement served in a silver tray," he says.

In a few days he will announce the location of this place where luxury, quality and flavors will go hand in hand. You can book through for February 15 onwards, though all reservations will be confirmed with the final date.